Reading History


The library takes seriously the privacy of your library records. Therefore, we do not keep track of what you borrow after you return it. However, our automated system has a feature called "My Reading History" that allows you to track items you check out. Participation in the feature is entirely voluntary. You may start or stop using it, as well as delete any or all entries in "My Reading History" at any time. If you choose to start recording "My Reading History," you agree to allow our automated system to store this data. The library staff does not have access to your "My Reading History", however, it is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and under those laws, could be examined by law enforcement authorities without your permission. If this is of concern to you, you should not use the "My Reading History" feature.

To access this feature, sign in to your account and click the Reading History link in the left sidebar.

To opt in to using the Reading History feature, press the Start Recording My Reading History button. Both Physical Materials and OverDrive titles will be recorded. Only loans from the point you press the button and onwards will be recorded.

To delete titles from your recorded history, either:

  • Press the Delete button next to the title.
  • Press the Delete All button at the top of the screen.

To stop recording your history, press the Stop Recording My Reading History button at the top of the screen. Please note that all records will be deleted.